Iron Infusions

At Shire Family Medical , we are skilled at providing Iron infusions for our patients with iron deficiency anaemia, when oral iron supplements are ineffective or cannot be used.

Ferinject is an intravenous iron replacement treatment for patients who have low levels of iron in their body. The aim of the therapy is to replenish body iron stores and to remedy iron deficiency anaemia.

Planning the Iron infusion appointment

Please ask your doctor during iron infusion planning consultation for a prescription for FERINJECT which can be dispensed at any pharmacy. When the ferinject has been dispensed to you, please book a 15min appointment with one of our GP’s who supervise these, and bring the ferinject, your referral and a copy of your recent blood tests with you. The ferinject will be administered by our Practice Nurse over 15-20minutes, after your consultation with the doctor.


When dispensed via prescription on PBS , the cost of Ferinject is reduced to approx $40 for two vials of 500mgs in 10ml.
In addition to the cost of the medication from the pharmacy, the cost of the infusion equipment and consultation is $185. (rebate from medicare is $76.95)


Please make arrangements to stay in the practice for at least 20-30 minutes following the infusion . While the risk of allergic reaction to ferinject is significantly lower than other intravenous iron preparations, it is not zero.

All medications , including ferinject, have the potential for uncommon side effects which will be explained at the time of the consult.

Please ensure you have a follow up blood test 2-3 months post infusion.

Please Note: If you are pregnant your Iron Infusion needs to be provided in a hospital setting. We Do Not provide Iron Infusions for pregnant women.

Iron Infusions can be administered for ages 14yrs+ on referral from your GP.

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